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The 2018 move to Martha Place and Mary’s Court at Parkland Antigonish and the deconstruction of Bethany, the former Motherhouse, were just two parts of a major transition for the Congregation and this property. Bethany Property remains a sacred place of peace and prayer for our Congregation. We welcome all who wish to walk, pray, and connect with creation. We ask that you respect the land, the creatures, the plants, and the people you encounter.


Despite the delays experienced due to the pandemic, we are still relatively on track to open this sacred and beautiful space on September 21st of 2021, marking the 100th anniversary of our arrival on this property.

Over the last couple of months, over 200 trees, 100 bushes, ornamental grasses, and perennial flowers were planted in the garden. The accolade elms line one side of Marian Drive and will grow up to be very stately. A little grove of spruce and pine was created beside a new walkway not far from the gazebo. The ‘Autumn Blaze’ maples are further in, behind the fence. The white birch, flowering crabs, along with the columnar oak and many other will come to view when the fence comes down.

Over the summer months we will see more work being done on the landscaping. Please be aware that the fencing will remain in place throughout the summer, until the construction of the reflective pool around the steeple is complete.

There will be parking available at the entrance to the Garden once it is open. 

The Marthas