We are the Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. Wherever we are present, living and serving among people, we are known as The Marthas.

For more than a century we have been an integral part of each community where our daily life unfolds. Currently, we are located throughout Nova Scotia and in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Wherever we are, we commit to living our mission of 'hearing, embracing and responding to the cry for Gospel hospitality'.

Service is a vital part of our lives and it is shaped by current needs and the gifts we have to offer. Our living together in community offers rich opportunity to grow in companionship with God and with each other.

Personal and communal prayer form the central motif of our way of life. As we seek to follow Christ, we experience the beauty and meaning of our choice for this way of life.

Through our relationships and activities, among ourselves and with others, we proclaim religious life as gift to the Church and the world.

Crossing The Border

A Grassroots Connection

A couple years after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans in 2005, Sister Luke Boiarski then Vocation Director for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and Sister Jovita MacPherson, Vocation Director for the Sisters of St, Martha joined other Federation members to deal with the aftermath of that Hurricane. As time past, both sisters stayed in touch and took on new congregational ministries. Sister Luke became the Director of the SCN Lay Mission Volunteer Program and Sister Jovita became the Director of the CSM street ministry in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Accept the past, celebrate the present and transform the future

Sister Dorothy Moore was a keynote speaker for Assembly of First Nations National Educational Conference, Calgary Alberta, February 28- March 2nd, 2017.


Statements Following Tragedy at Quebec City Mosque

We add our prayers for all who are affected by the tragedy in Quebec City and continue to pray for peace.