Our Mission

We Sisters of St. Martha, inspired by God's graciousness, hear, embrace and respond to the cry for Gospel hospitality.

Our Vision

We Sisters of St. Martha, embraced in the Mystery of God, are empowered to move creatively into the future. We live the prophetic dimension of our vocation as grace for our time. We aspire to live hospitality in a spirit of welcome to the reality of our lives and to our interdependence with all creation. Out of our emerging consciousness of the signs of the times, we are inspired to set free our charism, risking for the sake of the Gospel. Led by the Spirit of the Risen Jesus, we step into the future as women of undaunted hope.
(Chapter 2004)

Our Values

We choose to live an inter-relational life, committing ourselves to the values of ...


Relating to life with gratitude and reverence, we respect self, care for Earth and open our hearts and homes to our sisters and brothers. We are especially attentive to those persons with whom we live and work daily.


Flowing from a consciousness of our oneness with God and creation, we commit ourselves to a life of prayer and community. We participate in the evolution of church, priesthood, ecumenical and interfaith endeavors, fostering compassion at the heart of these relationships.


Experiencing the beauty and meaning of religious life, we proclaim this life as gift to the Church and world. We invite and welcome new members, new expressions of Martha Associates and share our life with young people.


Expressed in right relationships with our sisters and brothers, God, self, and all creation; honoring the dignity, responsibilities, and rights of all, especially those who are poor and marginalized.


An essential component of our way of life characterized by a quality of presence conducive to the development of persons.


The singleness of heart that is central to our identity.


As way of being with our brothers and sisters in the pursuit of common goals.


Expressed in sound planning and management of our resources.

The Marthas