We are the Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. Wherever we are present, living and serving among people, we are known as The Marthas.

For more than a century we have been an integral part of each community where our daily life unfolds. Currently, we are located throughout Nova Scotia.

Wherever we are, we commit to living our mission of 'hearing, embracing and responding to the cry for Gospel Hospitality'.

Service is a vital part of our lives and it is shaped by current needs and the gifts we have to offer. Our living together in community offers rich opportunity to grow in companionship with God and with each other.

Personal and communal prayer form the central motif of our way of life. As we seek to follow Christ, we experience the beauty and meaning of our choice for this way of life.

Through our relationships and activities, among ourselves and with others, we proclaim religious life as gift to the Church and the world.


We Sisters of St. Martha, who name Gospel Hospitality as our Charism, seek to deepen communion among ourselves and those we encounter. We desire to bring a contemplative and compassionate heart to our fractured world. We examine our biases and work to build a more just society that recognizes the dignity and equality of all life, particularly the lives of people who suffer racial, gender based, ability based, and economic discrimination under systems and structures that give preference to a privileged few. 

We pray for peace, an end to violence in all its forms, and commit ourselves to be about listening, learning, healing, and the action of reconciliation. Sustaining us in this commitment we pray daily our Prayer to St. Martha. In prayer we ask that we “…share in the faith which enabled Martha to recognize Christ as the Son of God.  May our hope be as strong as yours when your trusted him, even though He seemed to fail you.  And may our love of God grow and be expressed, as was yours, in loving service of others.”

We invite you to reflect on how you are being called to broaden your circle of Gospel Hospitality.


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Our Life as Mission Newsletter: 2020 Issue 2

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