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Sisters of St. Martha held two Congregation gatherings, both with a focus of deepening and broadening our understanding of what Charism means in general. This gift of the Spirit, specifically what we name as our Congregation Charism, is Gospel Hospitality.

The first gathering was a retreat held in October 2022, led by Sr. Mary Rowell, CSJ. With the theme Hospitality of the Heart, she invited us to reflect on this gift of the Spirit, in three movements:This time together provided Sisters an opportunity to pause and reflect, as individuals and as a community, on where the Spirit is leading us, where God is active in our lives. The retreat served as a spiritual foundation for us as we prepared for a Martha Gathering a couple of weekends later in November.  Photo: Sr. Mary Rowell, CSJ
The theme for Martha Gathering in November 2022 was "Charism Unfolding: Celebrate and Set it Free". One of the focal points of this Gathering was to hear from the Charism Study Group that has been meeting for the past 2 years, to help us broaden and deepen our understanding of where Charism lives in the church and the world. The study group brought together 16 people: our own sisters, a PEI Martha, 2 diocesan priests, a married couple, two single folks, and the director of Martha Associates. We read, listened, and shared around articles, webinars and scripture concerning 3 themes:The sharing and conversation with this group was rich, insightful, and challenging. It helps us realize part of our Direction Statement of 2019 in which we say, “we broaden circles of Gospel Hospitality.” We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of those who are part of this Study Group. Our task as a Congregation is to continue the conversation and find ways to put into action some of our learnings. We continue to live this gift of the Spirit, the Charism of Gospel Hospitality, as we move forward STANDING IN UNDAUNTED HOPE!

The Marthas