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The Lenten season is a time for deep reflection.We are called to enter “the wilderness” for 40 days, to face life in its full reality, as difficult and glorious. We walk with Jesus in this time, knowing that even he had to face the hardship and temptations of life, while fully embracing his unity with the divine. We are used to fasting and giving things up for Lent, which can help us let go of unnecessary things and deepen our sense of gratitude. But Lent is more about being conscious of how our lives are aligned with God. It calls us to a higher form of care – for ourselves, each other, and our planet as reflections of the sacred. In this way, we look at the difficulty of the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, and rising social and racial injustices with that higher form of care that breaks through the darkness of this time and leaves us with a renewed commitment to live and act out of love for our neighbour and for creation. May this Lenten season bring you a sense of deepened connection and spiritual strength.

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Darlene O’Leary, Coordinator, Martha Justice Ministry

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