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Image created by Sr. Dorothy Moore

Summer has begun, and with it comes some sense of relief and hope. We feel an opening as we emerge from pandemic restrictions, but a weariness in what has been such a time of hardship for so many.

In our justice and creation care work, the past few months have seen reasons for hope, but also deep sorrow. The sorrow is deepest in facing the horrific discovery of the remains of Indigenous children at former residential schools. How can we honour these young lives lost, families shattered, cultures brutalized, recognizing that we are part of a Church that did this? We have made the work of Reconciliation and Right Relations a central focus of our ministry. We work to educate ourselves and to face the truth, to listen and build friendships, and to advocate for programs and policies that will make a difference, with the guidance of Mi’kmaw communities locally and Indigenous leaders nationally.

We hope that we can be part of the change needed to build new relationships and plant new seeds of hope and compassion, living toward the flourishing of our communities and creation. We are grateful for your prayers and support as we walk on this path together.


Darlene O’Leary, Coordinator, Martha Justice Ministry



Sisters of St. Martha and 20 other religious congregations have signed an open letter regarding residential schools and reconciliation written by Joint Ecological Ministry (JEM) and sent to Archbishop Gagnon and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). We pray for a shared spirit of compassion and openness as we face this difficult history and walk the path of right relations. For more information click here.

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