Martha Justice Ministry 2023 Highlights

When I think about the past year for Martha Justice Ministry, I’m amazed! We have been part of so many networks, coalitions, campaigns, and events this year, all responding to needs in our communities and our world. I’m so privileged and grateful to work for social and ecological justice with wonderful people locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It’s hard not to be encouraged by the many people that are so committed to care for each other and for creation!

This past year, our communities and our planet struggled with multiple crises - the rising cost of living, food insecurity, the lack of affordable housing, human rights violations, wars and conflict, and the increasing impacts of the climate crisis through wildfires, floods, and droughts. We have lost ground since the pandemic on progress made in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and democracies are struggling globally. However, we are also seeing people coming together, determined to create a more peaceful and just world. It is a true source of inspiration and hope to work in solidarity with those who continue to call out for justice and peace in every community. My hope is grounded in faith and trust that change can and does happen when we come together with a prophetic voice.

I want to share with you a few of the many highlights from the work we have been part of with Martha Justice Ministry this year:

Basic Income Atlantic Canada
This year, it has been great to be part of several achievements with our Basic Income Atlantic Canada coalition, including Antigonish Town and County Councils passing resolutions in support of basic income. Our coalition continues to grow, offering resources like a municipal toolkit to help raise awareness and support for basic income. We invite you to read this article on basic income from our Service Learning Placement Student, Halle Cordingley.

New Growers
This was the 10th year of the New Growers Program! It was a great year to look at all the accomplishments and changes that have taken place since the program began.

It was another successful season for the New Growers – Meghan, David, Danielle, and Clayton! There were new challenges this year with certain crops and soil fertility, but there was good learning and some beautiful food shared across several communities.

It is such a pleasure to continue to work with mentors David and Jen Greenberg, as we look forward to the future of the program in responding to the needs of the community, young farmers, and the caring for the earth.

Lenten Book Study and Blanket Exercise
This past Lent we held a Lenten Book Study with a group of about 20 people. We came together to share our reflections on Sr. Dorothy Moore’s book, A Journey of Hope and Love: The Inspirational Words of a Mi’kmaw Elder. It truly was inspirational to come together to learn Sr. Dorothy’s personal story and to deepen our understanding of the larger story of colonization and residential schools, as well as the power and resilience of Mi’kmaw communities. After our book study, we came together again for a blanket exercise, an experiential learning activity that tells the story of colonization from a Mi’kmaw perspective. It was incredibly powerful that Sr. Dorothy was able to join us in this activity.

The book study and blanket exercise were powerful ways of coming together to walk the path of reconciliation.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, engagement, and support that sustain this work! Together, we are making a difference as a voice for justice and peace in our world!

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